About Jonesy

Jonesy, also known as Mr. Boy Wonder, is an Oregon rapper known for his positive messages, happy tones, video game inspired sound, as well as his savvy choruses and flows. Since professionally stepping on the scene in early 2016, Jonesy has released two albums, a handful of singles, as well as featured on several tracks with other Oregon rappers. Although his first album, “Mr. Boy Wonder”, was a great stepping stone for his career, his latest album, “Mr. Boy Wonder 2” has gained him a significant amount of recognition. In summer of 2018, before dropping MBW2, Jonesy filmed a music video for his song “Braggin’”, which amassed over 20,000 views between Instagram, Youtube and other social media sites. Shortly after, “Braggin’” also reached the top 5 in a radio contest, held by Jam’n 107.5, based in Portland. In August, Jonesy was invited to perform at PEACE, LOVE, WIFI, a music festival held in Brooklyn, New York and hosted by Productive Honey. Once he got back to the west coast, Jonesy finally released MBW2 in September. On November 2nd he released his single "M.I.A." and as winter 2018 advanced, Jonesy released the music video for M.I.A., as well as 2 new singles: "Juiced" and "When I Grow Up" to kick off 2019. On April 10th, Jonesy dropped his latest single "Luved", which has become a fan favorite at his shows. In 2019 alone, Jonesy’s music was played in 72 countries and amassed over 100,000 plays across all streaming platforms. Whether it's tearing down basement shows, dancing on stages or creating those catchy songs you just can't seem to get out of your head, Mr. Boy Wonder is a must see talent.