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25-year-old rapper from Salem, OR, Jonesy AKA Mr. Boy Wonder, is on a mission to save the world with his sound. Sonically inspired by retro video games, pop culture, 90’s and 00’s classics, both rap and r&b, Mr. Boy Wonder’s music, lyrically, explores his complex emotions, struggles with anxiety, depression, heartbreak, and trauma from his childhood. But it’s far from sad. Mr. Boy Wonder gives hope to his listeners by contrasting these topics with happy and upbeat instrumentals, letting both himself and fans know that it’s okay to not be okay and that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.


Since professionally stepping on the scene in early 2016, Mr. Boy Wonder has released three albums, a handful of singles, as well as featured on several tracks with other Oregon rappers. Mr. Boy Wonder has seen local radio play from Portland Jam’n 107.5’s “Breakout Show”, has 4 music videos on Youtube for his songs “Braggin’”, “Missing in Action”, “Mr. Boujee” and most recently “A Wonderful Intro” and has performed all over the Willamette Valley. In summer of 2018, Mr. Boy Wonder performed at PEACE, LOVE, WIFI, a music festival held in Brooklyn, New York and hosted by Productive Honey. Shortly after, he was also featured in the 4th issue of Productive Honey’s magazine, “PROH”.


In 2019, Mr. Boy Wonder began working on his 3rd project. Dropping singles, doing shows, filming music videos, creating merch, all while working part-time and attending college full-time, was a lot to juggle for the young artist, especially while trying to make a new album. Wanting to focus more on his music career, Mr. Boy Wonder gave up on his bachelor’s degree and moved back to his hometown, Salem, OR.


Battling his depression and anxiety, Mr. Boy Wonder had a hard time finding motivation and confidence in himself artistically for most of 2020, especially once the pandemic started. Thinking maybe a change of scenery could help refresh him, he moved to Austin, TX, where he would release his single “Mr. Boujee”, with a music video, in January of 2021. 


After enduring a toxic relationship and experiencing the worst mental health conditions of his life, Mr. Boy Wonder left Texas and moved back home once again. Rock bottom, at his lowest low, he realized everything he needed and everything he was looking for, was inside of him all along. He finally began recording again and after locking himself in his room for 5 months, he created the most inspired music of his life. Thus, “Mr. Boy Wonder 3” was born…

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